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ron bremner can foster growth and development, taking individuals, management teams, boards and organizations to the next level and beyond
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Your ability to blend impressive knowledge, experience, insight and humour left a very positive and practical impression on me and our entire staff. Your conversational and genuine approach ensured that everyone was comfortable; and the powerful messages that you punctuated with anecdotes and your personal life lessons, will be memorable for our staff for years to come… This valuable session left all of us with insight that we can immediately put into practice – as you reminded us: there’s plenty of room on the extra mile!

April 2015

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Nov 2014. With every passing day, our world becomes a bit more tightly interconnected. More than ever, what goes around comes around. Here are 50 tips for success in such a world…

1. Anytime you interact with another person, the first three words in your head should be: help this person.

2. If a person is too selfish, nasty or scary for you to help… at the very least do your best not to hurt them.

3. When you help another, you are demonstrating the kind of person you are, and you are creating the kind of world in which you want to live on

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Executive Coaching

Ron takes great pride in the personal growth and development of his clients.

Working with CEO's, COO's, 'stars on the rise' or just hard-working executives who want to get to the next level and beyond, Ron has the unique ability to connect with people in a special way.


Board Participation

A highly sought-after member of local and national Boards for over 30 years.

Numerous organizations have benefitted from Ron's vast experience, keen insight, strong operational skills and unique perspective.


Keynote & Facilitation

Ron's energy, enthusiasm and personal commitment is a trademark of his keynote and facilitation work.

Ron Bremner can help you motivate, educate, entertain and lift your team's spirit and performance.